Maserati Khamsin


In the autumn I was asked to photograph this beautiful classic Maserati Khamsin. I have been following it for a few years and now it have just finished a major restauration. Every part has been cleaned, repaired, checked and refitted. So it is now back to perfect condition. Mindblowing beautiful.
It is a quite powerful car as well, 4,9L V8 with 330HP @ 5500rpm and 482Nm @ 4000 rpm. This gives the car a topspeed at around 270km/h. Not bad for a car almost 40 years old.

2015-08-25-D800-TP2_5621_22_26 2015-08-25-D800-TP2_5702_03_04_05_06 2015-08-25-D800-TP2_5860 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_5633 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_5649 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_5684 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_5692 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_5695 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_5730 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_5754 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_5759 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_5777 2015-08-25-D5000-TP2_58422013-02-16-2013-02-16-_C014584 2015-03-15-D800-TSP_9282 2015-03-15-D800-TSP_9306

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