Morning at the Beach

2016-07-23-D800-TP1_0045-v1 2016-07-23-D800-TP1_0054-v1 2016-07-23-D800-TP1_0141-v1 2016-07-23-D800-TP1_0195-v1 2016-07-23-D800-TP1_0239-v1 2016-07-23-D800-TP1_0273-v1 2016-07-23-D800-TP1_0321-v1 2016-07-23-D800-TP1_0424-v1 2016-07-23-D800-TP2_4608-v1
Camilla Andersen and I went to the beach a while ago. We where hoping to get the magic sunrise and the warm morning sun. We didn’t get quite that, we saw the sun for about 5 minutes and then we could see the clouds, the rain in the distance and the orange horizon. We did keep on photographing though, and these are some of the pictures.

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