The Photographer

How do you start such a page about one self?
Well, I have discovered that telling all about ones age, hometown and such things are quite boring. So I’m therefore going to start with how I got interested in photography!

The first trip with a camera:
I actually started out with a SLR. My parents had recently bought a Canon EOS 1000 along with a 70-210 mm zoom, so things could really come close. And the reason. They had a compact camera before and on a recent trip to Sweden, where the reindeers where walking in the garden, the photographs didn’t really show the reindeers at their majestic beauty and the details which was expected to a subject that close. Seen in rear view mirror, they might not have been so close, but it seemed so at the moment. But man, one could fall in love with that gear they had bought.But they had been so kind to lend mw this mighty fine camera. This wasen’t in Sweden though, but on a hunt for foxes with my father. The hunt was going on in one end of the area they had to hunt on, and there was a trench where the foxes lived. There where two entrances for this trench and a small dachshund where send in to lure the foxes out. And I was prepared, I had positioned my  self over the opposite entrance of where the dog was sent in. The fox came out, obviously, and I just pressed the shutter until I ran out of film. I don’t think the camera ever had been used like this before, but one time has to be the first.
I didn’t see the pictures until recently, about 20 years or so after. And well, if I have to be honest, if the quality of the pictures should determine my hobby, then I would have kept fishing, because they weren’t anything to brag about. But you gotta start somewhere, and I started there. I just knew I wanted a SLR.

My equipment:
I didn’t get a SLR until several years later. I bought my self a SLR in Singapore, when I was sailing as an apprentice. And somehow I didn’t get the shots I wanted, they where dull and without colors. And as everyone else, I blaimed the equipment, but not the films and the lenses. I switched system and discovered it wasen’t the cameras fault, it was the lenses and the films fault.
Negatives where replaced by positives and a really good mate had donated a few manual focus lenses that where of highend back in the day (I still have these). Later on a DSLR was bough, when I discovered that I was spending a fortune on film and development.
Through time I have used a lot of gear, mainly highend gear from the major manifactors. I have played a wee bit with medium format but nothing to really make an impact with. I always say I’m going to start but I haven’t really walked that path yet (eventhough I have all things to do B&W development).

What equipment do I use?
I really couldn’t care less. I have tried most from Canon and Nikon, played with the Sony stuff (nothing serious but seen a few G-lenses and Carl Zeiss). And trust me, the camera that suits you needs is the one you should get. I don’t care what camera it is, it only has to do what I want it to, which can’t be much with the little talent I have.

What do I do now?
I have been photographing nature mainly. Especially birds, which is the easiest subject if you have to keep a full time job at the same time. But in the last couple of years I’ve been focusing on landscapes. Which I find really difficult and challenging.
The last couple of years, I been working with my skills when doing portrait and modelwork. I’ve been doing that on and off in the past, but now I’m working with it more intensely. So new things are happening all the time.


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